Client Feedback

“I wanted to thank you for all of your help and support during such a difficult time in my life. With your assistance, I remembered I am in fact a warrior – a survivor of so many obstacles…The strength I regained during our time was necessary and invaluable.  You’re great at what you do and I wanted to let you know, I’ve been able to live in the present moment with a grateful heart like never before.  It’s amazing how beautiful the world is when you see it with clear eyes and a grateful heart!

~ J.M.

“In my EMDR sessions with Lorrie I was amazed at the profound results I received.

Lorrie has a deep understanding of this work. Her gentle guidance helped me to uncover deep unresolved emotions.

By using the EMDR technique I was able to release childhood pain that was holding me back.”

~ C.K.

“Although initially skeptical of the EMDR process, it truly did work! On numerous occasions over the past months, I’ve recommended it to others where it would be beneficial. Your deep understanding of the process, and ability guide me through it, has allowed me to move past old trauma and gain control and awareness of my present emotions. Further, I’m able to not only implement the relaxation techniques on a daily basis, but thanks to your help also recognize when I need to employ them to ensure I’m not getting caught in the hustle and bustle of life, but rather enjoying and being grateful for the world and people around me. Thank you.”



Testimonial– “When I first started meeting with Lorrie, I had no idea the depth and importance of the personal growth that was in store for me.  Lorrie helped provide me with the strength and guidance that I needed to overcome unhealthy habits that I exhibited in relationships, and she also taught me the skills that I need to continue to cope with adversity on my own.  She has a wonderful approach – she is calming, thoughtful, gentle, and uses alternative methods that allow you to reach your own conclusions on many hardships that you may face.  I strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a skilled, trustworthy, and insightful therapist! “

~ D. L. 2016


“I came to Lorrie as an incredibly anxious, hurt individual struggling with my sense of self-worth. Lorrie was extremely welcoming and understanding- she’s very intuitive and kind. After laying some groundwork, we began doing EMDR. My life began to change almost immediately as she helped me to let go of past trauma. Today, I can say that I am no longer holding on to the experiences that hurt me, my anxiety is very manageable, and I have developed a strong sense of self-worth. I couldn’t have done it without Lorrie. Her knowledge, gentle understanding, and caring manner made a difficult process feel safe and navigable.”

~ E.B. 2017

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